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August 24, 2013


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This is only for people who keep saying SOPA is a hoax, fake, or scam.... "FUCK YOU!" I'm tired of this bullshit and they reference someone who created an article on Tumblr or Google or Deviantart Journal that has no fucking good links or evidence about it being fake or a hoax when in fact most resources we got it from is on the official article sites and sites the are trusted for unusual news and has all info added up together even YouTubers makes videos about it... so what if it didn't comes out in the media, do you think the fucking corrupt CNN or Fox News or should I call 'Fucks News' will ever broadcast anything about it? You guys are fucking idiots and yes I'm emotional to these fools spreading confusion and they use the stupid reference or excuse. Also to people saying 'who cares it won't pass anyways' well guess what, if it wasn't for me and everyone who participated spreading this news, it is possible to pass and you guys just sit there and wait and criticize our hardworks have no fucking rights to say what we're doing is pointless. We're protesting of course our actions are stupid cause we oppose our government proposal.

Also one more thing, creating a journal saying that my journal is a lie and going hysteria over it and the petition is a virus well guess what, "Fuck you!" Virus my ass, it's a government site and if they are really gonna put us into shit like planting virus on our computer, they're the most corrupt than the corrupt government ever in existence on this planet. I'm tired of this shit. Sometimes I hope SOPA did pass just so these people who keep making excuses like this just fucking get it and agonize their stupid regrets.

I blacked out my page so I can help with raising the awareness and I will end the procedure tomorrow Aug 27 so today is my final day for protesting against this bs, you're on your own. At least I voiced my opinions and knowledge base on what's going to happen.

So again, I dare you spam me with those stupid comments again and I swear to flag it as a spam. I'm protesting right now and disrespecting my belief is the same as disrespecting me in person. I don't care who the fuck you are and I don't give a fuck if I curse a lot on this free speech fucking journal but I'm throwing this potty mouth anger to those who keeps their BS and spreading confusion and directing it towards me.

For those who signed the petition and not complain about it, please let's continue fighting it if this is the only thing we can do to fight SOPA 3.0. Turn off your ears to those who oppose this parade, it's not just us, it's everyone freedom. RIAA and MPAA spies on deviantart, bewarned about these faggots spreading confusion.

Get mad at me if you want but honestly right now I'm mad about what Obama is doing and the entire country for unemployment and internet censorship. We're all on the same boat here with different opinions that's why I don't care, you should not care either, let's just do us both a favor and just shut the fuck up and just focus on helping changing what our government become. We are the reasons why they abuse us today and the same reasons they want to police cyberworld.

Here's just watch this::…

If SOPA is passed in 4 weeks because Obama lied to us, I'll probably cut all internet ties connections I have. My life revolves in digital and web media and this will cause youtube, deviantart to go down because of copyright material including facebook and the rest the has copyright materials on it. You probably need to say goodbye to fanfictions and fanart cause it will be a felony as characters that are famous like in Anime are all copyrighted. These sites are like my home, when they're all out, time to get out and move on since my happiness is just a pile of dirt.

You're probably not concern since you don't live in America but you do know that deviantart HQ is in America and deviantart is an American Company and now once the HQ is down so is all the bases it has across the globe.

I'll probably be a doctor or something I didn't like than being an animator or game designer and live my life not enjoying things I like cause fun is all restricted. Of course, how can I animate if the reference I needed needs cash pay just to help me improved. Plus how can I share it? We don't have youtube anymore to stream it since youtube is gone because I know this is a big firewall to everybody. No more fame on the net anymore existed. SMOSH, NIGAHIGA, PEWDIEPIE and those people with copyright content or gaming content on youtube will loose fanbases why cause these guys gain popularity on youtube and youtube is going down straight because of SOPA.

I'm going back to the way how I live back in Philippines, poor and no social contact. I only get to know most people I find on the internet now a days and yet it will be all tracked and of course NSA is probably reading this opinion by now.

Thank you Obama for betraying the Americans you promise to protect against this bill and watching us via NSA. I voted for you because I know you can change, I know Bush left you with this horrific job to recover however it hurts me that I voted a snake that will sting us from afar. I can't even get a decent job because of the unemployment rate in our area and anywhere. I guess you're all Barrack and no bite, you just use that promise to abolish the bill to gain votes, I was a fool.

Change? Yeah, you did change America in a different way. Most amendments are all violated now, all things I studied in my History classes are all just bunch of jokes now. It's like I should have not studied history and just take on different class like Yearbook class.…

Hatsune Miku: World Is Ours (STOP SOPA 3.0) by RJAce1014

I will do a protest against the newest version of SOPA introduced by the Obama administration. I will be uploading several SOPA Censors for a week or few days as my protest and censoring my account page and be back to normal state in few days. Please do me a favor and spread the word and stop "STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT" or SOPA 3.0 by signing up and signing the petition::…
I'm doing this to voice out to everyone and make everyone aware about our fight for freedom and I don't care if you don't care, I don't care if you don't like me doing this, I don't care what you care, all I care is for you to care how our freedom will be at stake and in here, I ask you guys to join each other and fight this bill back.

This bill is not only in US, remember Megaupload that is far far away so the same, the FBI will extradited you to US to put you in Justice.

Re-upload this image if you want to join the protest:: (Click the image to download)Art Down by RJAce1014
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FightersDream Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Just to let you know...SOPA is back.
Sleazinator Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013   General Artist
First of all, I did read somewhere that is an aspect of SOPA and it pertains to people that streams copyrighted video and audio. A website like Youtube would be in danger. I found a few comments where someone said signed the petition then got a virus.
RJAce1014 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I signed the petition and never gotten a virus. Did you realized that it's only in DA about that rumor? Of course there are people out there getting infuriated about people making journal about it and like showing panic when we only spread it so someone created a rumor on tumblr (A deviantart user I doubt) and link it on deviantart that SOPA is a hoax. I put all articles proving it wasn't a hoax and that petition is a government site. Gov sites won't be putting virus or ability to edit html to embed an auto virus downloading as you press sign petition.

The guy who created this rumor is just pissed off and hate panic on which case made him a total idiot. I don't really know who this guy was but he manage to make everyone believe on it which is really kinda out of hand and I could careless if they believe an opinion more than an article with strict reference.
Sleazinator Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013   General Artist
I`m not sure if I can find that journal and comment (s) again. I`ve never seen journal entries calling SOPA a hoax. I`ve only seen journal entries either saying it`s not coming back or the person is raising a panic. I see. I was just concerned when I heard that because, last year I got so upset over SOPA. I can see why. (Also, it would be realize and on DA.)
RJAce1014 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
If you read my journal... not the rant part about those who claim it was fake, I provided a links, couple of them from official Huffingtonpost and there's more and also a famous youtuber who vlog about it gathering 100000+ views.

Well yeah, some people dislike the panic uproar and created a diversion to prevent it. Maybe they just hate people reposting it on spread which is not very helpful of them. I did my part to share and people who made a journal about me lying on my blog is just disgusting. They used opinions of others that create a an article on tumblr instead of reading the links I posted which makes me irritated that I'm being blamed for the uproar when all I did is share and encourage not to show everyone that it's the end of the world.

Also, I'm not gonna cause all my watchers, especially I got lots of watchers, cause them to panic. I'm here to attempt to involve them especially you if you're watching me, in my journey to stop this kind of threat to our internet. Anyone you should ask, do we like government stepping up to limit our access? Snowden already reveal their evil hidden secrets about NSA spying on everything we do and we still can't accept that, now their trying to limit the sharing ability we have.

What would they limit next, the time limitation of one person per internet use. The government will keep doing things like that unless we show them that people don't like it. We the people are the boss and the government work for us. We don't work for them cause they only gain power because of votes. Now if they use that power against us, we should reclaim it if necessary.

Sleazinator Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013   General Artist
That`s true. I see. Also, some people do find those panic journals annoying especially when they get them from multiple people.
GreedTheGreedy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There has to be a loophole somewhere this is just utter bullshit if Da is where I decided to start showing my artwork and also where I was able to learn and improve my techniques with support from others and referencing. Im pretty sure a lot of people here on da feel the same way this is a place where everyone shows their love of art and sharing their creations and I'm not about to sit by while fucking Obama rips our hard work and internet community away from us. 
RJAce1014 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
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Frunds are my own vocabulary in CNSY term meaning VIP Friends or Chat Friends to remember Nicks xD

CNSY Definition:: (Frunds never existed on Websters Dictionary but part of CNSY Dictionary)
Frunds - (n.) Friend or group of friends that has special meaning or has a close relation due to being present in an event; A friend or group of friends who's more than just friends but most likely a part of life online or in real life; Friend or group of friends who do more than what a normal friend or bestfriend can do.

Ex: My friends didn't help me out being bullied by the bully however some of my frunds back me up.
It's my birthday and my friends forgotten about me, glad my frunds are always here.
I helped him cause I'm his frund, you're nothing but just a friend.

I'm not cheating on you cause you're my girlfriend, she happens to be my girlfrund.

IF this mEnTION Didn't work, DA you glitchy xD
MiMikuChair Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yup this worked uwu

lolz your friend system still confuses ;w;

Soo ..this is what I think what the definitions of your friendranks are =w= :
friends: People you kinda talk to but in the end they don't help you out when you are in trouble or need help, so they are more like acquaintances?
best friend: Best out of all of them in this list @.@ 
bestfriends: Friends with a higher status, people you talk more to  but don't help you out in the end either @-@
frunds: ^ the definition you wrote above me uwu
bestfrunds: One status underneath your best friend, in normal language this would be great/real friends you really trust and know well. They are simply your best friends but not the best out of best uwu

I assume I basicly promoted from bestfriend to frund @^@?
lolz this is kinda interesting ~w~

RJAce1014 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer

I was trying it out if this was nifty but I guess privacy doesn't exist anymore on this site as well. It will be a downside to people who makes up bad rumors.

I don't have any friend system or friend rank or promoted anyone.

I just use the term Frund as a deep word for friends to emphasize a friend being more than what they should be. It will be odd to call them Super Cool Trustworthy smart special friend since it's so long but Frunds is the shortcut.

Frunds to simplify it to you is a made up word by me.

It is a friend or bestfriend who do more things than a normal friend can do. We can be bestfriends forever but frunds will treat you as a family. We can be friends who help each other but frunds to things in advance without anything in return.
You can be a friend because I know you, frunds can make a history book out of you. A friends call your parent mister and misus, frunds call them mom and dad. Friends sometimes fight, frunds always agree with each other. Friends will call for help, frunds will risk their life to help you.

F - Friendship
R - Radiance
U - Unity of
N - Nurtured
D - Dreamer
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